2022 Fall Update

Imagine waking up to peace and quiet, gazing at golden fingers of sunlight waking up a still, dark lake. And after a day of fun and excitement, you can watch the lake become serene again as the sun sets behind the pine trees and settles in for sleep. Fortunately, we have the perfect camping spot so you can experience this kind of beauty at Texoma Shores RV Resort. Lake Texoma is a majestic piece of nature on the Red River. It is the largest lake in capacity in the Tulsa District and the most popular with more than 6 million visitors annually.   

Our newest resort managers, Lynn Burnham and Yvette McKenzie, have done an amazing job at the resort. They’ve taken great care of our guests and have kept the resort in fantastic condition. We couldn’t ask for anything more from them, but they keep bringing us even more! 

With them at the helm, many renovation projects were completed during the summer, such as adding a new room to the motel. The motel itself is still under renovation, but it’s making tremendous progress. Much of the recreational equipment that’s outside has been updated or remodeled, and several new picnic tables have been added around the grounds as well. The staff have been working their hardest to level out the RV sites and keep up maintenance on the walking trails along the lake front.  

With the weather beginning to cool off, now is the best time to head to Texoma Shores. The fish are biting and the sun gives off the perfect feeling for a tranquil time on the lake. If you have a weekend free or some vacation time, why not come down to Texoma Shores. It’s a fantastic place to escape from the hustle and bustle that life brings to your front door. 

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